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Banner advertising on Yoga festival Website

A limited number of advertising banner sites is available on Yoga festival webpages. Banner advertisements are available on the following pages:
Home Page Banners

Banner size for the home page 180 x 150 pixels, which will appear down on the main page.
Advertising Rates

  • 3 months $480 net  
  • 6 months $860 net


Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels):



Category Banners
Banner advertising is available under each of the following pages headings, the banner will appear on the main category page of your choice and will also appear on all sub pages of that category.

Banner size for the above pages:

  • Half banner 234 x 60 pixels, max 2 banners will appear at the top of these pages
  • Full banner 468 x 60 1 banner will appear at the top of these pages

Advertising Rates

  • Half banner 3 months $230 net  
  • Half banner 6 months $390  net
  • Full banner 3months   $600 net  
  • Full banner 6months   $999 net

Please supply your banners as either gif or jpeg files.
Half Banner (234 x 60 pixel):

Full Banner (486 x 60 pixel):
Please Contact us at: sameh@egyptyogafestival.net
Or Please please call Bashir on + 962 79 551 9724
Sameh Komeha
Festival Operations Manager




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