Heather George


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Sivananda Teacher of Yoga - Diploma, Kerala, India.
Hatha Yoga - British School of Yoga Diploma.
Pilates Matwork Primary Series - The Mind Body Institute.
ChiBall Teacher - Monica Linford.
Reiki 1 and 2 - School of Holistic Therapies.
Life Coach (Distinction) - The Coaching Academy.
BTEC in Food Technology - The Polytechnic of The South Bank .
NVQ trainer and assessor - Royal Society of Arts.
Yoga Registered Teacher (YRT) and BYTA.
Advanced Instructor Level 3 Yoga Teacher - REPs.

Yoga is Sanskrit for ‘union' and I believe that it is this linking of the body with the mind and synchronising breath with movement that brings about a feeling of balance, relaxation and wellbeing.  It is a personal journey and not a competition, so the only legitimate challenges are within ourselves and not with others.

My first contact with yoga was over 20 years ago whilst in my 20's when suffering from hypertension, due to a thyroid imbalance, I preferred the holistic approach of yoga over allopathic medication for symptom relief.

Years later, after walking away from a serious car accident relatively   unharmed in 1999, I took it as a ‘wake up' call, reassessed my purpose and trained as a yoga teacher to help myself recover and more importantly help others.  I was very fortunate to come into contact with inspirational teachers of Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda, Satyananda and Astanga yoga.

I am passionate about life, all living creatures and spiritual awareness. Yoga has been intrinsic to my progression from being a “gym junkie” to practicing and promoting an holistic, balanced and intuitive approach to personal development.

Over the last six years I have developed a range of classes which encompass:
Gentle Hatha for remedial, introductory, anti and post natal  
Iyengar for precision and alignment for intermediate students
Dynamic (Primary series -Astanga Vinyasa) embracing ujjayi breath and  challenging asanas for the more advanced individuals
Yoga Nidra –deep relaxation for healing and self awareness
Dhyana and Dharana (meditation and mind focus) for positive thinking, self awareness and space
Chakra breathing and clearing for balance and healing
Pranayama breathing practices for Kriya and to control vital force
Flow yoga dance drawing on TCM systems and meridians with the use of ChiBalls

As well as yoga, I teach Pilates and ChiBall and introduce some of these techniques into my yoga classes. These two disciplines help to develop coordination, postural alignment, effective breathing and core stability with flowing movement.

Additionally, I find that as a Reiki practitioner, Life Coach and    nutritionist I have developed an intuitive approach to awareness and understanding of both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of students which enables me to tailor their practice and take an holistic view of the other lifestyle, diet or remedial action they may benefit from.

I teach and practice in health clubs and spas from West London to the Thames Valley and run private classes and workshops for individuals, groups and corporate clients.


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