3rd International Yoga Festival May 30- June 7, 2008
"The Wonders Of The World Peace Pilgrimage: From Giza to Petra"


The International Yoga Festival's remarkable history: The 1st International Yoga Festival of March 2006 was the very first time such an event had ever taken place in Egypt or the Middle East for that matter. Chief Organizer Hossam Darwish, vice president of the Arab Yoga committee and an expert in tourism events and Producer/ Consultant Anthony Sadasiva created an historic event that far exceeded expectations. The Festival was embraced, supported and attended by representatives of the entire international community. Many learned that Yoga is the art of right living. It is a system of integral education, education of not only body, mind or intellect, but also the inner spirit, the inner Light for Radiant Health! This was the successful message, embraced and understood by all who attended the 1st  International Yoga Festival.

2nd International Yoga Festival: In the planning of this Festivals theme "Unity In Diversity: Return To The Light,"  Mr. Anthony Sadasiva, yoga acharya, producer and coordinator of many international symposiums, festivals, retreats and interfaith programs, together with Mr. Hossam Darwish, shared a special bond and a mutual vision. The 2nd International Yoga Festival brought together, the superb teachings of international Masters and yoga instructors. Blessed with full support from the government of Egypt, spiritual clerics and beautiful people who attended, the 2nd  International Yoga Festival  was an overwhelming success and also of historic proportions. The Festival symbolized how truly we can create a harmonious atmosphere with people from different diverse backgrounds working in unity for the common goals of  health,ethics and awareness. When we  eliminate the selfish, egoic elements of life, speaking ill or the hurting and jealousies towards others, we move towards kindness, love and compassion. The very practice ahimsa (non-violence) in all its aspects, the light of peace will come naturally. This is the Light that all involved with the Egypt Yoga Festival had been illuminated by.



3rd International Yoga Festival: We  now present to you our vision for The 3rd International Yoga Festival "The Wonders Of The World Peace Pilgrimage: From Giza to Petra"  May 30- June 7, 2008 which promises to be a very special major event!  Our Festival begins in Egypt where we will embrace the ancient Pyramids of Giza. A special ceremony will take place at the Khufu Pyramid in addition to our daily yoga activities while in Egypt. On the third day, we shall then travel within the dramatic Jordan Rift Valley to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Experience the sacred and unique healing properties of the mineral rich sea found nowhere else on the planet. Inhale the pure oxygen rich air as you magically float on the surface of the sea. The Dead Sea program will be a “yoga vacation,” filling you with a sense of inner peace and complete rejuvenation. A short distance from our base, we will travel to the spiritually significant Mount Nebo, the burial place and passing of the prophet Moses where amazing views of Jerusalem and Bethlehem also await us. We shall also visit the baptismal site of Jesus.  Perhaps the most extraordinarily breathtaking part of our spiritual journey will be to the recently appointed Wonder of the World, the 2,000 year old ancient City of Petra.  Carved into the rose- colored sandstone Mountains, Petra stuns visitors with its magnificent beauty and grandeur.

For the 3rd International Yoga Festival 2008, we bring to you three of the world's true wonders!  The Pyramids of Giza, the Dead Sea and the Ancient City of Petra.  The daily schedule will be embraced with wonderful yoga classes, lectures and workshops, health and beauty tips with teachers and masters of the highest order. Culturally we will experience traditional Jordanian folklore as well as classical Indian dance and music.  Through educational, historical and spiritual knowledge, we hope to raise your awareness of a true world order, with inner and outer peace.  In addition to the main Festival we offer specially designed programs for woman, children, people with special needs, as well as yoga for the corporate world.


Yoga Exhibitions:


Exhibitions provide you with the greatest opportunity to make new connections not only with new customers but also networking with distributors and retailers. Building personal relationships are vital to success in today's competitive environment. It is not just about selling on the day; you can convert enquiries into extra business after the show when you know how! Visitors have the opportunity to harness all the five senses; see, touch, taste, smell and hearing at an exhibition and a majority of the visitors that come to the Exhibitions are looking to you for the answers. Your product or service might be just what

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The 3rd International Yoga Festival May 30- June 7, 2008 has experienced unprecedented growth in the last two years and now sees 2,000 attendees coming through the doors, everyone from curious first-timers looking to find a discipline that will suit them, to experienced yoga professionals trying to achieve the next level of spiritual enlightenment.

As such, The Yoga festival provides a unique platform for companies wishing to increase product awareness or foster brand loyalty to get a strong sales message across to the entire industry. Companies will be able to reinforce awareness among their target market by sponsoring a specific workshop or zone. For companies keen to link their brand to all levels of The Yoga festivals there are opportunities to become one of the main sponsors for 2008. To discuss your particular sponsorship requirements please call Bashir on + 962 79 551 9724 or email

The main philosophy of our Festival is to propagate the ancient teachings of Yoga.  Yogic principles can be incorporated and help dissolve the stresses of everyday modern life. For greater overall awareness, spiritual renewal and Radiant Health!

We are sure your participation in the 3rd International Yoga Festival will bring you to the magnificent depths and teachings of Spirit that are very special. Do come and join us!



Hossam Darwish& Anthony Sadasiva
Chief Festival Organizers and Producers

In association with:

Sharif Elfirm and Bashir Daoud
The Hermes Arabia Group



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