Yogi Mata Guru Wafaa

Yoga Art Professional Teacher & Fine Artist.
Director of Art yoga school& Yoga art Studio.
Secretary of the International Yoga federation for Egypt
& all North Africa.
Member of the international Yoga federation.
Member of world yoga council.
TV yoga show presenter.
Yoga dance designer.
Yoga tours programs designer& director.

Type of yoga:
Hatha, Ashtanga, Raja, Mantra, Bhakti, Nidra, Siddha, Karma, Integral, Yoga Kids, Prenatal yoga, Yoga dance, Yoga therapy & massage, Yoga art, Yoga office, Yoga camps, Yoga tours, Yoga teacher training.

1988: Private Yoga Courses.
1993: Special certificate from ( maoulana azad ) Indian center.
2001: Opening art yoga school in the Russian cultural center in Cairo.Teaching Hath, Ashtanga, Karma, Bhakti, Raja,Yoga kids, Yoga dance, Yoga therapy & massage, Prenatal yoga,Yoga dance (From June 2001 To June 2006).
2001-2002: Directing a special program for pregnant women with d.r farid abdel hadi in his center of woman health clinic for a year in and under his medical supervision.
2003: Presenting special yoga program for( channel 1) in the Egyptian t.v .(donya program).
Yoga dance designer & trainer in movie ( sout el gar) for Karoline Khalil& shady El daly . directed by rasha labib.
2003 oct: Special yoga program for La Piste Dance Studios.
2004 jan: Teaching special yoga program for Gold's Gym in Maadi& Dokki.
Teaching special yoga classes for women in the indian cultural center in cairo.
2004 jul: Start presenting special daily yoga program for( channel2) in the egyption t.v .(yoga:the art of life).
2004 oct: Presenting special yoga program daily for ramadan for (channel2) in the egyption t.v .(fetarak asayer).
2004 nov:
Special yoga program for ( la piste ) dance studios.
2005 jan: AURA Center  HATHA YOGA TEACHER'S CERTIFICATE (500 yoga teacher training hours) from U.S.A
2005 july: Presenting special yoga program weekly for (channel1) in the egyption t.v.(shabab ala toul).
2005 sept: Presenting special yoga program daily for (channel1) in the egyption t.v.(Heya).
2005 oct: Special yoga course for the Euroean Union in Cairo.
2005 nov: Sharing in presenting special yoga information & exercises on air program daily for(intertainment channel) in the egyption t.v.(sahsah ma-ana).
2005 dec: International Yoga Federation Certificates& membership.
—Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for Egypt& all North Africa.
—Member of the International Yoga Federation.
—Member of World Yoga Council.
2006 mar: Sharing as a guest of honor in The first international yoga festival in Egypt.Hurghada.
2006 mar: Yoge tour programs director with yogacharya Anthony Sadasiva.
2006 june: An interview for "good morning Egypt news program channel 1
2006 aug: Special yoga program with MBC Tv for STYLE program.


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